Stirling Castle

It’s new year, a new semester, and there are loads of new adventures on the horizon. I was actually meant to have an adventure last Saturday – my friends and I were going to travel to the Scottish highlands for the weekend to go hiking and play in the snow. Unfortunately, life happened and I got sick. Good show, immune system. Yeah, real good.

Anyway, rather than be sad about the situation, I thought I would share some of the photos I took when I went to Stirling Castle last semester. Enjoy!

Any Sherlock fans out there? This isn’t the Baker Street, but it still got me really excited.


Again, this isn’t the castle (I feel like I’m being a let down already), but I really liked the geometry and textures on the wall. Also, don’t let the clear blue sky fool you – it was freezing!


Just around the corner from the crumbling wall was a graveyard and, in the distance, Stirling Castle (yay!). The graveyard was surprisingly peaceful and the view it provided of the city was stunning.


See what I mean? This was actually taken from the castle, but as the castle (and graveyard) were on a hill, this sight could be seen from anywhere.


Hello cute houses and grassy slopes…


Hello castle turrets and the city beyond the wall. I’m actually slightly obsessed with this photo. iPhone 5, you’ve done me proud!


But enough of outside the castle, how about the inside? This is only a small part of the inner courtyard. Not too shabby, eh?


Inside, there’s large fireplaces with brilliantly coloured tapestries and paintings hung throughout. The most common ones featured a lion (like this one) or a unicorn (the national animal of Scotland).


The ceilings were pretty rad too.


Through the courtyard and around the back was a large garden. Historically, archers would go on the hill to get a better vantage point during battle and come down to the grassy area to take cover.


As I rounded the corner of the garden, I stumbled upon the servant’s quarters. I actually wouldn’t mind living in that wee house. It seems quite cozy.


I’ll leave you with a cheeky panorama of the castle. Although this photo makes it look small, Stirling Castle is actually giant. My friends and I spent 6 hours going through all the building and enjoying the grounds.


Until next time,



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