Bucket List

I’ve had a bucket list for quite some time now, however I think it’s more appropriately called a “Things I Never Thought I Could Do but Want To” list. I created it for fun initially. You know, something a bored 20 year old would do while they think about all of the big things in life. I’m 21 now, and it turns out that even though some of the things I wrote down as a joke (I mean seriously… me move to Europe?! Unheard of!) I’ve actually done/am going to do, and I’m pretty excited about it. It turns out, writing down and visualizing your goals really does help make your dreams a reality. And maybe if they don’t become a reality at least you tried instead of spending your life wishing.

So, here’s my current Bucket List. Naturally, I’ll be revising and updating it as time goes by. I’ve split the it into categories because I like organization… and lists. I’ve also linked some the things I’ve already done to blog posts in case you’re bored and want to read about my random adventures 😉


  • Do the splits
  • Cut my hair super edgy/chic [X]
  • Dye my hair a random color [X] <– I’ve been a ginger since 2014 😀
  • Get new piercings [X] <– I now have 4 piercings, all on my ears.


  • Become fluent in another language
    • French [X]; German; Russian; Chinese
  • Live in another country [X]
  • Explore more places in the USA
    • California [X]; Nebraska [X]; Oregon [X]; Hawaii [X]; Washington [X]; Arizona [X]; Nevada [X]; Tennessee [X]; Louisiana [X]; Colorado [X]; New York; Maine; Vermont; Massachusetts; Rhode Island; Maryland; Pennsylvania
  • Volunteer abroad
  • Become better at photography
  • Climb a mountain in the country I’m living in
    • Austria [X]
    • Scotland
    • USA
  • See the Aurora Borealis
  • Visit the 7 wonders of the world


  • Become more accepting towards myself
  • Meditate/do yoga/journal more often
  • Do a physical activity for kicks and giggles, not because I want to look a certain way [X]
  • Try yoga [X]
  • Learn Olympic lifting [X]
  • Try CrossFit [X]
  • Get more creative in the kitchen


  • Recall at Oireachtas [X]
  • Recall at an international major
  • World Qualify
  • Go to All Irelands
  • Go to All Scotlands

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