That Awkward Moment When…

That awkward moment when it’s dead week, you’re really stressed, you want to write a blog post to get that stress out and reflect on things, and then your computer hard drive dies and you can’t write said blog post and are computer-less during the most important week of the semester. So, in the midst of all your frustrations pertaining to school, you go to the gym to destress (as per usual) and proceed to dislocate your shoulder 30 minutes into the workout. Yes the end of senior year is wrapping up quite smashingly.

I’m only being mildly sarcastic in my last sentence there. On Friday after that whole ordeal my housemates and I marathoned Game of Thrones to help each other feel better about life. Tonight we’re making sushi.

Oh, who am I kidding. College was amazing, and awful, and all the feels in between. I’m actually going to really miss living in the Pacific Northwest with my housemates, hanging out with my engineering friends, and dancing with the school I’m with right now. But, like all good adventures, this one is coming to a close. Finals week is looming in the horizon, as is graduation and premiere night for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

So, here’s to smiling from the many lovely memories I’ve made here, growing from all the hardships, and taking life in stride just as Bilbo Baggins would, because after graduation


I hope you all have a grand Sunday 🙂

~ Ailish

P.S. Now that my computer is back, I’ll attempt to write more about my adventures. Mainly because it’s fun, and so my parents can see the shenanigans that I’ll get into whilst studying in the UK. In the off chance that any of you like reading about my adventures as well, then this is for you too.


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