Les Choses dans ma Tête

So I was creeping through my blog, as you do, and I realized that the order the posts are displayed in make absolutely no sense at all. At one point it goes from June to April to September. Last I checked, the calendar isn’t ordered that way. Oh well. I can’t really change it because the layout and post order are inherent to the theme I’m using. But I like this theme because it makes my blog all colorful and happy. And this is my happy place, so we’re gonna have to bend some calendar rules here. Wait that makes me sound like a Time Lord… Doctor Who fans? Anyone? I’m such a nerd.

Anyways, I just felt like writing because I haven’t done that in a while and sometimes I just need to let the things in my head out on paper. Internet paper. Hold on my legs fell asleep and I should probably move this is getting uncomfortable… Okay we’re good. My focus is really dwindling right now, but that’s okay because I feel happy. Like, a content type happy. This morning I watched Guardians of the Galaxy and actually really liked it. I spent the rest of the day listening to the soundtrack and other 70/80’s music and it was the best thing ever. Seriously, just go make a ‘Jackson 5’ station on Pandora and thank me later. It was the source of my happiness and productivity with housework and homework (with the exception of French… it’s difficult to listen to English while doing stuff in another language).

Speaking of French, I tested into the 200 level class and I actually remember a lot, which makes me super happy. My professor is also this adorable little old quintessential fashionable French lady. That was a lot of adjectives. But it’s true. She also gives a lot of tests (I had 2 last week) but she’s amazing so I don’t care. She brought us la galette des rois, which is a cake used to celebrate Epiphany. It has a figurine called la fève (literally means ‘a bean’ but can be a wise man, baby Jesus, etc.) which is hidden inside. Whoever finds la fève in their piece of cake gets to be the king/queen of France for a day. And guess what? I found la fève! J’ai été la reine de la france pour un jour! I was so excited because I got to wear a gold paper crown and everything. We did this in French class in high school too, but I never got la fève. Granted, we only did it once per year so my chances were pretty slim, but it seemed like fun to wear the crown and stuff. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked this time around.

I should probably go to sleep now that I’ve let les choses dans ma tête, er, the things in my head out. Have a lovely week!

Bonne nuit!

~ Ailish

P.S. The featured image for this post was taken when I was in France two years ago. I thought it was a fitting image to go along with my French story 🙂


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