The Young Senior Rambles

Hiya everybody! I hope you’re doing well and having a lovely Tuesday. Today started off as absolute crap for me (walking through a spider web was one of the many things that happened)… But it’s actually turned from quite bad to quite good. Your attitude and how you perceive situations really does effect your mood. Going to the gym and having a good weightlifting session always helps too. On a side note, this is going to be a really ramble-y blog post because I’m having a complete writers block for my personal statement and grant statement of purpose for my Fulbright application. Maybe I’ll just tell you all about it and see what happens.

So basically I’m applying for a Fulbright grant to fund my graduate studies. I’ve decided that I’m going to pursue a masters degree in biomedical engineering with a focus in medical device design. I think it would be amazing to create rehabilitation devices for paraplegics or people who have gotten injured through sport. I should also mention that the Fulbright only applies to programs outside of the United States. Which is amazing. Because it’s been my dream to live and study in Ireland. So that’s what I’m gonna do. To be honest, it’s kind of surreal that I’ve finally found a direction that I want to go in that I’m actually pursuing, even if the rational side of me says it’s too crazy and far fetched. So far I’ve found that by dreaming big, I’ve at least managed to land among the stars. Why should I not try for something that I’m really passionate about?

I think that’s about as deep as my tired little head will allow me to get right now. I think I need more sleep. I’m definitely turning into a granny. It’s only 8:40pm right now. I know the time stamp on this post might say otherwise, but trust me, I’m correct. I’m pretty sure my blog still thinks I’m in Austria, which would be totally fine with me. Except I’m not there. Once I get to Ireland in a year, It’ll be correct again. Fingers crossed that I hear back soon from the University about a part of the application that I need from them, and that my interview for the Fulbright application will go well, and that my writers block will soon un-cloud my head so I can actually finish my application. You might want to cross some toes too, just for good measure.

Good night 🙂

~ Ailish


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