Calming the Storm

Today was a crazy stressful day. I finished analyzing my data and found a reasonable correlation, finished my poster, got it approved, and submitted my project one minute before it was due. My nine weeks of research is finished. Now all I have to do is present it next week and then fly home. During my lunch break I was feeling extra flustered, so I looked through some photos that I took at a garden on the 4th of July and organized them into a blog post to share. I didn’t get around to posting it until now though. They’re in no particular order and I didn’t caption them. I was just taking a chance to rest my mind and enjoy a brief moment of peace. If you had a rough day, I hope these photos will help you calm your storm too 🙂

~ Ailish












One thought on “Calming the Storm

  1. I had a rough day, too, but it ended well. These pictures let you know there are still peaceful places in the world. Well done.

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