Twisted Spines and Little Time

Happy Sunday everybody! The end of this week has definitely been a lot better than the start. I spent the first two hours of my Monday at the health center getting X-rayed, poked, and prodded, all to find out that the vertebra in the lower part of my spine are twisted… again.

To be honest, I’m really frustrated because I’ve gained so much strength from weightlifting and now I have to take a break. Hopefully this recovery will be a lot quicker than the last time. I guess this is all part of the process of getting stronger for life. I didn’t take the injury seriously the first time around, so I stopped doing what my physical therapist told me to do. Thankfully, I’m really motivated to strengthen my core and back now. I’ve been enjoying training and feeling awesome, and that’s been taken away by a silly mistake. I don’t want it to happen again, especially not when I’m older and am less resilient. So, here’s to a speedy recovery and coming back even stronger.

On a positive note, there’s only 1.5 weeks left of this research program!!! Yes, research has been awesome and I’ve learned so much. But I want to go home, be with family, eat home cooked food, and enjoy summer. I can’t wait to go kayaking and spend almost every waking hour at the beach. I also can’t wait to officially move in to my new house at school with my lovely dance friends. Of course, that also means doing schoolwork and applying for graduate programs. But lets not get ahead of ourselves quite yet.

Hope you all had a lovely end to your week and that you embrace the opportunities this new week has to offer 🙂

~ Ailish


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