Information Overload, or ‘I Forgot How to Wash Hair’

Strange things happen when an encyclopedias worth of information is crammed into your brain in a short amount of time. In order to make room for new information, the brain files away old information, trashes extraneous tidbits, etc. It makes for a very interesting semester.

Don’t get me wrong, this school year has been totally amazing… I actually survived my junior year of university while keeping my grades high enough to be accepted into Tau Beta Pi (which had been a goal of mine since freshman year), making many amazing friends and growing even closer with some of my current friends, and placing 7th at the Oireachtas (Irish Dancing Regional Championships).

But, like all brains, mine makes some mistakes. For example, after 20 something years of living on this earth and successfully bathing myself, I forgot how to wash my hair last night.

You think I’m joking… but I’m not. You see, I’ve got the whole “wash, rinse, repeat” thing down like the back of my hand. The main issue lies within the hair itself. While I am quite the expert in washing thick, curly, collarbone length hair, I’m a complete newbie at washing hair that has been chopped off and shaped nicely into a bob.

Exhibit A: Wavy medium length hair. This isn’t me, but not too long ago she and I had similar hair.
Exhibit B: Inspiration for my current hair. Image credit to Pinterest.

In my defense, it’s a lot harder to wash hair when 3/4 of the hair on your head has disappeared completely. Theres nothing left to lather the shampoo up, its impossible to squeeze the hair dry apply conditioner, and once I’m out of the shower I have no hair to wrap a towel around. It’s all a little distressing really. I suppose I’ll manage though… I am an engineer after all. If I can successfully navigate my way through thermodynamics, I can successfully relearn how to wash my hair. Plus, short hair is fun and change is good.

Have a beautiful day,


P.S. Has something ever changed in your life that’s caused you to rethink how you go about doing it?


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