Ready? Set? Lets Go.

The first three days of my junior year of college have been completed. To be honest, I was kind of petrified for it to start because I was afraid that I would have a ton of work and that I’d hate all of my classes and not have enough time to dance and get A’s and be mildly social on the weekends. As usual, I was worked up for nothing. Engineering is hard, but it’s not going to be any different then it’s been for the past two years. I know I’ll have a lot of work, but after getting all of my syllabi and seeing the grading requirements, homework schedule, and exam dates, I feel so much better. I think I can actually do this! There is a lot of reading, which sucks. But I guess it’ll be okay.

In order to make this year better than my other years I’m not going to stress as much about grades. I literally locked myself in my room and did nothing but study. I tried to convince myself that I was happy doing this because it would allow me to get good grades, get into a good graduate school, and make my parents proud because I was doing so well. If you want a bit of advice, please please please don’t do that to yourself! I admit now that I was miserable. Yes, I got A’s, but I was lonely and sad and started to hate the major I used to enjoy. I took away most of the things that made me human and I got so burned out that when I did do something I loved (like dance or hang with friends) I was always tired and feeling guilty because I could have been studying more.

So, I’ve made a few guidelines to help keep me on track:

  1. Set aside 30-60 minutes of my day to do whatever I want guilt free. I can stretch, read a book, bake cookies, watch YouTube, give myself a mani/pedi… even do homework if I’m feeling in the mood.
  2. Sleep. Need I say more. In bed, lights out 11:20 at the latest. End of story.
  3. Eat well. I’ve had many, many struggles with not eating enough for the amount of dancing I do. It’s time to get healthy by consuming more of what I already eat so I can have energy to get though my day and then some. Anyone interested in recipe posts?
  4. Exercise. Dance. Move. I have a goal of getting top 5 at the regionals this year. I know I have the power and ability to make it happen. Let’s go.
  5. Smile. Because frowning takes too many muscles 🙂

On a random side note, I think I’ll try posting once a week on the weekend. If I want to post randomly during the week it’ll probably be a photo or something simple and nice. Mainly I just want to be able to share experiences with my family back home (and anyone else whose interested) and to have a place that I can get my thoughts organized and my mind settled. I’ll probably write about things that I do to prepare myself for the regionals so I can hold myself accountable to my goals. It’s so easy to wish and dream, but success only comes when you do it.

Also, just because I’m really into names for some reason, I thought I would find myself a nickname. I don’t want to put my given name, as I like some privacy. At the same time, I find that I really enjoy knowing a persons name when I’m reading their work. It just makes me feel like I have a better connection with the author because I know what they like to call themselves. Call me crazy but it’s true. So, after much thinking and going back and fourth, I’ve chosen Ailish (pronounced ay-lish). It’s the Irish version of Alice or Elizabeth and means “God as my oath”. There were a lot of others that I really liked, but they’re definitely not pronounced how they’re spelled and I thought it would have been too difficult for people.

That’s all for now. Have a beautiful week!

~ Ailish


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