Remember When

Remember what it was like when you were four. When you looked at the world in awe and wonder. Butterflies left you speechless and rain was like the peaceful rhythm of the earth telling you everything will be alright.

Remember what it was like when you first choose that hobby that you loved so much. Out of all the dance forms and sports in the world, you waited patiently to be old enough to partake in the one you loved the most; and after you began you couldn’t let it go. It was like air. You would dance and dance because it made you happy. It made you feel so free.

Remember when you first slipped on your fathers shoes and tried waddling round the house in them. How you couldn’t wait until one day you would be a big girl. You would fill those shoes. But then you were scooped up into those big loving arms and smiled upon. You were told that filling your own shoes at the moment was big enough for a brave girl like you.

Because you are enough.

You are perfect in your capabilities at any single moment in time. On any given day. At the age of four, and now. Perhaps your capabilities have changed and you’ve become better, but that does’t negate your successes in the past. Or in the present. Or in the future. Because success isn’t a tangible item. It’s a feeling. It’s personal. It cannot be taken away.

God made you as you are, and in His eyes you are perfect. You are enough. Do not be afraid, and never stop dreaming.


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