Conquering Mountains

I suppose you could say I’ve been conquering a lot of mountains so far this week. Why you ask? On Sunday, my friends and I in the study abroad program climbed the Untersberg Mountain in 3 hours. We braved a mile and a half hike straight up and made it to the top via climbing rocks, ladders, and stairs that had an average of a 1.5 foot step height each. While we were at it we jumped some streams and scaled a cliff face. No biggie or anything.


After this climb, I have so much respect for people who do this all the time. They’re probably some of the fittest people in the world. It was so much harder than I expected it to be. This sounds silly, but I’m so proud of myself for being able to make it up. There were parts when some people thought they wouldn’t make it, but everyone was so supportive and caring of each other that we pushed though to the top. Only two out of the 24 of us had to turn around. Honestly, there were parts during the last half mile of the climb that I didn’t think I would be able to make it either. I don’t think I’ve been so exhausted before in my life. However, I was surrounded by people who believed in me. As the climb went on, I realized that I needed to start believing in my capabilities more often too.

Humans are amazing beings and we have the ability to do amazing things. Why should I deny myself the ability to attain goals that I’ve always wanted, just because at one point my mind said ‘that’s not possible’? Why should anyone deny themselves that ability? I’m so excited to go back to the US in less than a week to see my family again and so I can go to dance classes at home. I talked to my dance teachers yesterday about my dream of qualifying for the World Championships and how I want to work towards making it become a reality this year. I think that by solidifying my dream and having support from my teachers I’ll actually be able to achieve it. I’m not just the little girl with an impossible dream anymore. I’m the girl with a dream that she’s working to make a reality. I’m looking forward to not only achieving it one day, but the process that it’s going to take to reach that level. I’m gonna do it guys! By starting to believe in yourself, you’ve already taken the first step to making your dreams a reality. In the words of Brogan McCay: “Aye I can, watch me.”

I’m also glad that finals are over so I can have time to just enjoy the rest of my trip, especially because I won’t have any homework to worry about during the rest of my travels. I suppose finals was one of the other mountains I’ve conquered this week. Tomorrow I’m going to France! I took four years of French in high school and fell in love with the language and everything we learned about the country. I’m finally going to “meet” the place that I’ve learned so much about. The only sad part about leaving for France is that I won’t be coming back to Salzburg afterwards. I’m going to miss this place and the friends I’ve made here so much. Luckily, I’ll see them back at school in America. I also know that while this was my first time to Europe, it definitely won’t be my last.

Have a beautiful day!


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