Keep Portland Weird

Ever since I’ve come up north I’ve been wanting to explore the big cities and small towns that make this part of the country so unique. I never really believed my mom when she told me that moving from the desert to the wet Pacific Northwest would be a huge culture shock. However, I am continually amazed at the differences between each region and city in the United States.

A recurring theme that I’ve noticed in Portland, Oregon is the slogan ‘Keep Portland Weird’. I didn’t quite understand what it meant until I had the opportunity to explore it’s little nooks and crannies, and to really appreciate the people who make this city’s vibrant culture come alive. Here’s the culmination of my cultural exploration, which conveniently aligns with the Word a Week Challenge – culture.


I’m not a huge fan of graffiti, however there are some amazing artists here. I took these photos by one of the bus stops.


Such intricate patterns and vibrant colors. It really livens up the city when it gets so gloomy and rainy. I also saw a stop sign that had ‘vegan’ graffitied on it, however I forgot to take a photo.


Both downtown and nestled amongst the eclectic neighborhoods are a mix of old, new, and new trying to look old houses. This one happened to have two of my favorite things – bricks and cherry blossom trees.


One of my main concerns when it comes to traveling is the constant fear of wondering what I’m going to eat. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered how health conscious a lot of Portland eateries were. There are many that serve vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or organic food (or a combination of the above). I thought it was so cool that the owners did this not because it was a fad, but because they truly respect the environment and other peoples health concerns. I felt completely safe eating a scrumptious cupcake because I knew that the bakers took cross contamination seriously. Plus, I lived to tell the tale, which is always a good sign.


I’m so glad that I’ve gotten the chance to explore little bits of cities in this great big country I call home. Unfortunately, It’s time to get back to the books again… finals start on Monday! I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Portland.


Have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful evening 🙂


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