Little Rambles

I’ve been wanting to write for a very long time. The only problem is that I’ll get one great idea that I want to write about, and ten minutes later I’ll get another great idea, and before I know it I have a queue of ideas that I’ll most likely never be able to finish. So I just don’t start.

My other problem is that I’ve had a set idea of what I want this blog to be about, namely my adventures as a college student who is trying to cook gluten, dairy, soy, and oat free for herself. Unfortunately, I’m not the greatest chef. I also continually forget to take pictures of my creations because by the time I’m finished cooking, I’m so hungry that I eat what I just made. I don’t think you’d like photos of empty plates.

Later on I had the idea to make this a photo blog. Hate to admit it, but I haven’t been taking very many photographs recently either. Er, I have, but they’re not very good. My iPhoneography is not super impressive, and I haven’t had the chance to go on many photo walks… college kid. Remember?

I’ve kind of just come to the conclusion that I’m going to write whatever I feel like saying at the moment, such as a great (or not so great) day, something that’s been on my mind, food, sports, motivation, something meditative, or fashion. I know when I first started blogging, I read somewhere that you need to pick a topic for your blog and focus on it, because that will help you gain more loyal readers and followers. Here’s the problem. I don’t have one topic that interests me, because I am human. As a human, I’ve discovered that it’s pretty natural to have more than one interest simultaneously. Yes, I might like engineering a lot more than I like English, but that doesn’t mean that sometimes I’ll enjoy doing my English homework (bad analogy… I know). My point is, I want to feel free to write and express myself, not follow some formula that a group of people put together in order to optimize the amount of readers that a blog gets. I’m not doing this for a living after all.

I do hope, however, that even one thing that I write effects someone positively, whether it be through a revelation that I had or a cute picture that I captured.

Alrighty, that was my spiel. Probably one of the not-so-great-spiels that has ever been written, but no biggie. It doesn’t need to be the best thing ever. I’m feeling a little better, and now I can go on to freely writing about bigger and better things… like how I’m gonna make chili or risotto or pancakes this weekend… I’m kind of craving banana pancakes.

In the meantime, have a cookie and enjoy the first beautiful week of spring 🙂



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