ZOOm-tastic Adventures

Zooming on cameras is handy. I’m really near sighted, so it makes me feel like a normal person when I look through the lens because I can suddenly see just as far away as you can. Score! Zooming captures far away objects clearly and makes close up objects appear huge. I’m actually kind of fascinated with the optics of cameras and how they mimic the human eye, yet force us to focus on whatever the camera sees (i.e. a narrow perspective of a zoomed in dog or a wide perspective of a lion). I am an engineer after all 🙂

Anyways, here are some photos I’ve put together under the topic of ‘zoom’, which originated from A Word A Week photo challenge. Let’s start the adventure!

ZOOm! It just so happens that I absolutely adore going to the Zoo, hence my awkwardly clever capitalization of the word zoom. Zooming is great for stalking animals, like this bird. I don’t really think he liked getting shot while bathing…


However, bathing isn’t really going to get animal paparazzi’s anywhere in life. Well, it could… but that would just be weird. I decided to turn my focus onto criminal minds and conspiracy theorists, like these guys. I bet you didn’t think cute little meerkats could devise such sneaky plans.


Speaking of criminals, you always have to watch out for the animals that just chill. This guy told me he was just lyin’ around. However, you’ll never believe what I saw him do…


Car thief! I knew it. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure the cops, and the owner of the car, won’t mind letting him keep it for a day… or two…


Moving away from grumpy cat, I wandered into an area where I had a higher chance of survival (just kidding guys, this is the zoo. Of course I’m safe… hopefully). Anyways, I stumbled across one of my favorite animals ever… the giraffe! Not only that, it was a baby giraffe n__n


For my last stop at the zoo, I braved the forest. No my friends, this was not any old rainforest. This was a non-rain forest… It was so queer that deer had evolved into bipeds in order to enhance their chance of survival without water! Caught in the act, mister!


So, that’s the end of my ZOOm-tastic adventure. It was filled with zooms, zoo animals, and fantasticness (hence the word combination). I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a beautiful week 🙂


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