The Great Escape (Island Edition)

I recently followed a blog called A Word in Your Ear. The author looks through her dictionary and chooses a word, and people write about it or post photos, etc.

After a long and hectic week, I think it’s time for some island relaxation. So, without further ado, we are going on a great escape to the beautiful islands of Hawaii (the Big Island) and Maui. My family and I vacationed there a few years ago, and even though I am back on the mainland, I think my heart will remain in Hawaii.

I don’t remember where exactly in Maui this was taken, however I remember being enchanted with how green it was. I love how the ocean in the distance almost blends into the vibrant sky.


A panorama of Maui taken with my phone. You can see both sides of the island!


Tucked away on a winding road in the middle of Maui is a small family owned farm called Surfing Goat Dairy. We went on a tour and got to see how they make their famous goat cheese and goats milk soap. They even let us feed the goats some hay! This little guy was hanging out in the ‘play pen’ with his baby goat friends. I think it’s cool that they gave them a surfboard to play on. It is Maui after all.


I adore sunset watching. If you’ve never seen the sun set over the ocean, buy yourself a ticket to the nearest coast and go! It’s so beautiful and serene. I loved how silhouette of the sailboat contrasted against the brilliant colors of the sun.


The sun peaking behind the clouds, sending its final rays on the vacationers who were still enjoying the beautiful water.


Sometimes I like feeling small. The feeling that I’m just a speck in the universe, and that only a few hundred people know of my existence. To the rest of the world, I am just another human in the gene pool. However, it puts me in awe because I know that being known or small or powerless doesn’t matter. The God of the universe knows me by name and created me for a reason. It doesn’t matter if I help the world or just one person. All that matters is that He has a plan, and it’s gonna be good.


Just before we went home we made the long, winding trip to Hana. They say it’s the journey and not the destination that matters, since Hana is such a small town. On our journey, we stopped at a black sand beach that had a lot of little caves. This photo was taken from the inside of one of them.


Now we shall make the quick journey to the island of Hawaii, more commonly known as the Big Island. This is the first beach that my family and I went to. I thought it was so unique because it was the first black sand beach I had ever seen as well (we actually went to the Big Island before going to Maui, so this post is in reverse chronological order). The water was so cool and soothing. Word of advice though, don’t walk around barefoot on one of these beaches… not that I’d know from experience…


There was also a sea turtle at the black sand beach. He was so cute an happy. Obviously he enjoyed the hot sand more than my feet did.
I now don’t only think of Hawaii as a place of beaches. I’ve become really fascinated with all of the volcanic activity on the island as well. So, that’s where our adventure is taking us next. Volcano ahoy!…
Not quite yet, actually. First we have to get there. This house met an unfortunate fate some time ago. However, it made for a great photo-op.
Now it’s volcano time! Look at this puppy go! If you look really closely you can see a slight red glow at the base of the smoke. At night, the lava really started flowing. However, it was really difficult to get good night shots with the little point-and-shoot camera I had back then.
It’s time to say goodbye to smokey and head back to green grass, blue skies, and a lovely brown fence. I’m not sure why, but I love this picture. I think its because it shows off the vibrancy of the Hawaiian sky. It also portrays a side of the island that isn’t commonly seen, but is equally beautiful.
One last stop before we head back to reality. Be warned, this is kind of a cheesy Hawaii photo. I think that’s the reason I took it though…
I hope you enjoyed this ‘great escape’ to Hawaii. I wish I had taken more food jealousy photos to be honest… the food there… so good! I’ll just have to go back and take some more pictures then 🙂
Have a blessed weekend!

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