Sweet Light

Hello world!

This is my first post. I suppose in first posts I’m supposed to write what I’m going to write about. To be honest, I’ll be writing about a lot.

I’ve recently been diagnosed with gluten intolerance so I can’t consume anything with wheat, barley, or rye. I’m also soy and lactose intolerant and, most unfortunately, oat intolerant. It’s been hard giving up foods that I’ve been enjoying for my entire life. I thought it would be as easy as not eating bread or cookies, but alas, I was terribly wrong. At home I was completely fine making my own food, as my sister (who is also gluten intolerant) and I could cook to our hearts content under the culinary expertise of our mom. Dad is never opposed to trying new food either. It gets much trickier now that I’m back at university, where I’m studying mechanical engineering. Living in a dorm and cooking full on meals in a dorm kitchen shall be interesting, but it’s an interesting adventure that I’m excited to undertake.

I’m also a dancer and an amateur photographer. So, in conjunction with food, there will be photos (hopefully nice ones, as I get practice in) and ramblings about life, dance, etc. The main reason I’m creating this blog is to help me organize all of my thoughts. Occasionally I’ll get so many in my head at one time that I freeze up; the last thing I need is brain malfunction stress (not sure if that’s a real thing…) on top of university curriculum, managing what I eat, and just living.

So, that’s about it. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Cheers 🙂

P.S. Douce Lumière means sweet light in French. It’s a nod towards Ecclesiastes 11:7, which says “Light is sweet, and it pleases the eyes to see the sun.” Sometimes I need to remember that in the midst of everything stressful, whether it be curriculum, food, or life, I need to be still and look toward my Father at all times.


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